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"A video deposition is a record of much more than the spoken word. When videotape is brought into the deposition process additional communication of inflection and demeanor are captured along with the testimony. This, in part, is why attorneys are turning to videotape more than ever before."

Why Video?

In trial litigation effective communication is vital. That's why videotape testimony can be a powerful and persuasive tool. The advantages of videotaping testimony include:

    Preserving testimony for trial -- in a medium jurors are most familiar with.
  • Videotaped depositions make witness availability a non-factor in trial preparation.
  • Juries have the opportunity to observe witnesses during their testimony which can highlight their believability, expertise and demeanor.
  • Video can show visually what a written transcript cannot, i.e. x-rays, charts, pictures and models.
  • It can curtail abusive conduct during depositions.
  • Video transcripts of depositions are far preferable to a dry reading of a stenographic transcript. A good quality video will keep the jury involved and focused while also providing the benefit of seeing the witness' appearance, demeanor and nonverbal responses.